Apni word means our and ISP is an abbreviation of Internet Service Provider, also called Internet Access Provider.  Apni ISP means our isp, our internet service provider. Companies that offer Internet connection to their subscriber are called ISP. To provide Internet connectivity to their subscriber ISP need to establish a network that connect them to the network and their network connects users to the Internet. In past Internet Service was only available through telephone line but as technology gain Internet service become cheaper and faster. Also Internet service was only provided by company or organization that provides telephone service. Small apni ISPs provide Internet service using your phone line through modem and ISDN connection.

Just as their customers pay them for Apni Internet access, Apni ISPs themselves pay upstream Apni ISPs for Internet access. An upstream Apni ISP usually has a larger network than the contracting Apni ISP and/or is able to provide the contracting Apni ISP with access to parts of the Internet the contracting  Apni ISP by itself has no access to.
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