Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta Review

At first look at the latest messenger (Windows Live Messenger 9) that was released early last week just after the release of the live messenger 8.5 it is noticed that they have not changed the design from 8.5 when they completely revamped the design of their messenger client to make it look more like their new OS (Windows Vista). They have however added some pretty cool new features such as

Signature sounds

New Diplay Pictures

Multiple Signins

Block And Report

The new client features a signature sound feature that allows you to change the sound that people hear when you signin, they have a number of preset ones or you can snip an mp3 to make sound of up to 5 seconds long for your friends to hear. This is a great feature as you can show your musical interest and be more creative about the way you signin.

Microsoft also put in an anti-spam feature that allows you to block and report spammers to them whilst making sure your identity is confidential.

As in another article you may have read that earlier in the week the new client had leaked onto softpedia. Microsoft will take no reponsibility if this software causes damage to your machine and they say that if too many people download this then they will be forced to teminate the BETA release.

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