Fun Files


This program makes a burp sound, very often

Want some buttons? Try this

Burst & Crash your Screen

Want to make a speedy exit? I don't think so.....

This small program let ur cursor jerk on your desktop.

Pretends to format your window directory

Mouse avoid buttons, also start button

Check your IQ level

Cool visual trickery

Gives the impression of disk formatting virus

Just watch this for a few minutes

Click here for hot nasty pictures

Run after "Click me", You will lose

Load as masny bouncing striking rolling sheep

Message Box: This program has perform an illegal function

Find out your possible love

A disastrous earthquake on your desktop

An intelligent Psychatric that will solve you problem or even chat to you on any topic you like. Now Chat without being connected to internet


166 K

152 K

17.8 K

98.5 K

6.88 K

125 K

32.5 K

62 K

10 K

286 K

266 K

88 K

106 K

112 K

92 K

20 KB

5 K


More Files More Fun :)

Add / Remove Programs (249 K) Fake Delete from Add/Remove Program menu

Print Me (42 K) Start Windows dialog box with tray icon printing

Bad Coffee (249 K) That coffee taste like a................

Rotate Desktop (103 K) Flips desktop to all sort of weird positions

Inspector Gadget (213 K) Flying smily Inspector gadget on your desktop

Love File (244 K) Easiest way to say "I Love You"

Monkey Toilet (248 K) Open Speakers & play Monkey toilet Piano

No way out (1.5 MB) No way out,except shutdown your PC

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