Objectives of Fasting in Ramadan

Knowing the objective of a specific thing is very important for every human being. We may not be able to attain the desired results if completely ignore the real purpose of a certain thing. Our actions are useless when we do not concentrate on the reasons behind doing them. Similarly, every Muslim should have best knowledge about the purpose of Holy Ramadan. We must try to get the essence of worship in this gainful month of blessings.

There is no use of fasting throughout the day long if we do not understand the actual objectives of Ramadan. So, we should be aware of the purpose of fasting because this can help us to reach paradise. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the important objectives of Ramadan Kareem.

1. Attaining Taqwa

This is the main objective of fasting in the month of Ramadan. The Holy Qur’an has clarified this major objective and we should focus on it with great eagerness. Fasting teaches a human being how to obtain a taqwa. A fasting person becomes careful about each and everything happening around. During fasting, we can easily learn to abstain from bad deeds because evil inside us becomes weaker due to lack of food. Taqwa is just as you are walking through the thorny pathway and avoid the thrones so that you can keep yourself and clothes safe.

2. Fasting is a shield

“Fasting is a shield” is an authentic narration of Prophet ?. controlling our desires can be quite difficult but, this is the only way that can lead us to heaven. Every person, except Momin, has unlimited desires and tries his/her level best for their accomplishment. Fasting is the perfect way to lessen our desires. Hence, Fasting can protect us from various evil acts and malevolence.

3. Fasting and patience

Patience is very important moral value and Islam emphasis on its great need. Without possessing patience, a Muslim can never achieve a high-ranked place on the day of resurrection. Prophet ? commanded us to be patient in every field of life. Anger is always from Satan so must try to avoid it by keeping patience all the time. The month of Ramadan guides us in the best way to stay relaxed through thick and thin. So, fasting and patience has direct relation with each other and they can never be separated.

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