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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan
  • Name:
    • Lindsay Lohan
  • Date of Birth:
    • July 2, 1986
  • Place of Birth:
    • New York City, New York, USA
  • Height:
    • 5' 5
  • Nationality :
    • American
  • Parents :
    • Michael Lohan, Dina Lohan
  • Profession :
    • Actress, singer, model
  • Relatives :
    • Aliana Lohan (sister)

Lindsay Lohan Detailed Biography

Lindsay Morgan Lohan was born in New York City, on 2nd July 1986, to Dina and Michael Lohan. Her mum is a former Radio City Rockette & her father was in the pasta business after making enough, he went to Hollywood financing independent films. She is the eldest of four siblings.

Lohan has been studying dancing and singing since age 4 & a model since age 3, Lohan has the distinction of being the first red-headed child to be signed by the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency. Her freckled face is familiar from more than sixty television commercials including spots for The Gap, Jello, Pizza Hut, and Wendy?s.

At seventeen, Lindsay Lohan (Anna in "Freaky Friday") has already appeared on the cover of ?Vanity Fair,? having been featured as part of the prestigious magazine?s ?It?s Totally Raining Teens? July spread. She won the dual role of the two sisters in "The Parent Trap" after a six-month casting search in the United States, Canada, and Britain. She's also stars in Disney?s ?Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen.? Lohan was featured in the long-running role of Alli Fowler on the daytime drama ?Another World,? as well as on ?Guiding Light.? On television, she starred in two movies for Disney?the Wonderful World of Disney?s ?Life-Size,? with Tyra Banks, and Disney Channel?s original ?Get a Clue? ? and in the sitcom ?Bette.?

Lohan?s first pop single, ?Ultimate,? appears on the soundtrack of ?Freaky Friday.? She will also perform on the soundtrack of ?Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.? A straight 'A' student at her local school, Lindsay excels at math and science. She also enjoys gymnastics, swimming, ice skating, roller blading, singing, biking, reading, writing, and playing with her siblings.

Lindsay Lohan's not the only member of her family to try her luck in the entertainment business. Her mom, Dina Lohan, is a former Radio City Rockette and Lindsay's dad made millions in the pasta business before going Hollywood by financing independent films.

Lindsay Lohan's Fast Food Fame

Before Lindsay Lohan got caught in the Parent Trap, she appeared in more than 60 TV commercials for brands like Jell-O, Pizza Hut and Wendy's. Lindsay Lohan then went on to land a role cheesier than a stuffed-crust pizza - playing Alli Fowler on the soap opera Another World.

Lindsay Lohan's Split Personality

Lindsay Lohan scored - not one - but two leading roles playing twins in the 1998 remake of the classic Disney movie, The Parent Trap. Not satisfied with just remaking one retro Disney movie, Lindsay Lohan remade another. Lohan also stars in Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Lindsay Lohan - Big Screen Star Lindsay has been pumping out movies faster than J. Lo's been pumping out ex-husbands. In 2004, Lindsay starred in two flicks - Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Means Girls. Drama Queen is about a self-absorbed girl named Lola (played by Lindsay Lohan) who gets a dose of reality when her family moves from NYC to the 'burbs and Lola realizes the world doesn't actually revolve around her (how strange!). In Mean Girls, Lindsay is the new kid in town who is tortured by the mean girls at school. But she quickly gives them a taste of their own medicine.

In 2005 Lindsay lights up the big screen once again in Disney re-make number three - Herbie: Fully Loaded. Lindsay is also working on several other projects due out in the next year or two, including the flick A Prairie Home Companion where she will play Meryl Streep's daughter.

Lindsay Lohan - The Next Avril Lavigne? In July 2004, record exec Tommy Mottola signed Lindsay to a multi-year record deal and her first album, Speak, hit shelves later that year. You can also get an earful of Lindsay Lohan, the singer, on the Freaky Friday soundtrack, the Confessions' soundtrack and the Mean Girls' soundtrack!

Lindsay Lohan - Did U Know? Lindsay Lohan and That '70s Show star, Wilmer Valderrama, broke up in mid-November 2004. Their publicists say the two remain good friends.

Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized in late-October 2004 for overexhaustion. Lindsay had a temperature of 103 and was extremely run down. Lindsay remained in hospital for a few days and has since completely recovered.

Lindsay Lohan has three siblings named Michael, Dakota and Aliana. Lindsay Lohan was one of a group of New York school kids who appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman dressed as garbage.

Lindsay Lohan used to date Aaron Carter. Her involvement with Aaron fuelled a long-time feud with Hilary Duff - the girl Aaron left_inner Lindsay for in 2003. Both girls seem to have moved on now.

Lindsay Lohan has hosted Saturday Night Live twice - once on May 1, 2004 and then again on May 21, 2005.

Lindsay Lohan is being paid $7.5 million for her role in the upcoming movie, Just My Luck - due in theaters late 2005/early 2006.

Lindsay Lohan Movies, Filmography And Awards

  • Poor Things (2008)
  • I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
  • Georgia Rule (2007)
  • Chapter 27 (2007)
  • Bobby (2006)

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