Honda Civic 2007

Honda Civic 2007


Experience a sense of rising expectations.

Honda heightens your driving enjoyment with a rare combination of spirited engine response and exceptional fuel efficiency. This ideal balance is achieved by Honda's next-generation 1.8-liter SOHC i-VTEC engine - the first entirely new Civic power plant in 17 years. Through Honda's advanced i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system and DBW (Drive By Wire) technology, it performs like two types of engines in one compact unit. At high engine loads, such as when starting from a standstill or stepping on the accelerator, DBW fully opens the throttle while VTEC optimizes intake valve timing to generate 2.0-liter-equivalent power. At low engine loads, such as during high-speed cruising, DBW narrows the throttle opening while VTEC delays valve closing to achieve 1.5-liter-equivalent fuel efficiency. Settings are intelligently switched in a seamless manner to ensure smooth, linear response at all revolutions.

Honda City 2009
Honda City 2009

High-output mode rocker arm and fuel economy
mode rocker arm are not inter-connected. Valves
operated according to high-output cam profile.

High-output mode rocker arm and fuel economy
mode rocker arm connected via the synchro piston.
Valves operated according to fuel economy cam
profile with delayed valve closing.

Honda City 2009

Front: McPherson strut

High-caster and High-Trail Responsive steering feel Improved return of the steering wheel and stable straight run at high speed

Rear: Trailing arm type Double-wishbone

Damper spring positioned at the back Improved comfort during driving Improved comfort during driving


Honda Civic 2007

Advance Safety Measures.
In the event of collision, advanced safety feature provides supplemental protection of the driver and passengers. Dual SRS airbags for driver and front seat passenger help prevent head and torso injury by deploying in frontal collisions.

Trust the assurance of preeminent protection.

As your excitement builds with sporty performance, your confidence in dependable Civic protection also grows. Honda supplies advanced active safeguards - such as ABS (anti-lock braking system) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) - that help your avoid driving hazards. Count on Civic to care for your welfare as well as your driving pleasure.

Honda City 2009
Honda City 2009

A gratifying escape.

Honda significantly raised torsional and dynamic body rigidity while simultaneously reducing body weight through the extensive use of lightweight components like high-tension steel panels. The resulting solid structure contributes to a quiet ride further enhanced by well-placed insulation, refined aerodynamics and other measures 'that reduce noise and vibration from the engine, wind, and road. Honda purposely tuned the intake resonator, however, to emit an exhilarating engine growl during hard acceleration.

Honda City 2009


Honda Civic 2007


Honda Civic 2007 Prices

  • Models Available
  • i-VTEC Manual Transmission
  • i-VTEC Prosmatec Transmission
  • VTi Oriel - Manual Transmission
  • VTi Oriel - Prosmatec Transmission
  • Ex-Factory Price (Pak Rs.)
  • Rs: 1,329,000.00
  • Rs: 1,369,000.00
  • Rs: 1,459,000.00
  • Rs: 1,499,000.00


Colors Available


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